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Vevelstad is a treasure to be shared. Vevelstad is blessed with dramatically beautiful scenery. Towering mountains, forests and fertile farmland, skerries and islands, fjords and wide open sea. Here you can enjoy untouched wilderness in the nationalpark Lomsdal-Visten/Njaarken vaarjelimmiedajve. We invite you to share our cultural offerings and hospitality, but first and foremost to make your own discoveries.


 The municipality delivers welfare services to the inhabitants, such as health services, care of elderly, nursery schools and basic education of the population.

Vevelstad is situated in the County of Nordland in the Northern part of Norway. Vevelstad is the administrative centre of the municipality and is situated 3 km from the ferry landing at Forvik and 14 km from the ferry landing at Andalen. ( Kystriksveien)

Vevelstad has approximately 500 inhabitants.  (map to see where we are located)

As a new resident of Vevelstad municipality you are sure to be seeking answers to many questions. You can find some information in English on this website but we also recommend that you make contact with our reception desk. They will try to answer your questions about the municipality. 

Opening hours community hall:
Monday - Friday: 10.00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

Contact information:
Address: Rådhuset, 8976 Vevelstad
E-mail: post@vevelstad.kommune.no 
Calling from Norway: 75 03 80 00
Calling from abroad: +47 75 03 80 00

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